What does Microblading mean?

The Microblading technique is a revolutionary method of eyebrow reconstruction. This technique involves manual micropigmentation of the eyebrows, thread by wire, to give them the desired shape and color. For the reconstruction of the eyebrows by the Microblading technique, natural pigments are used that do not injure the natural hair of the eyebrows.


What does BEAUTY mean?

“For me beauty always comes from within, but it is reflected on the outside. As with the kindness and the other values that nourish us, they become visible on our face.

We, women, have inscribed in the genetic code the desire to look good, and this has nothing to do with superficiality, but with something deep within us, which pushes us to seek and cultivate the beautiful.

I take into account many factors when drawing eyebrows or lips or the eye line. I take into account the personality of my client, profession, age, face shape, the proportions between the features and first of all what the client wants. ”



Sitting 1.

The first stage in the technique of microblading takes 2 hours. This stage involves establishing the shape and pigmentation of the eyebrows.

Before performing the procedure you will receive information about the Microblading technique, the healing cream (which contains vitamins A and E) and the post-procedure indications. Then, together with the dermopigmentist, you choose the shape of the eyebrows according to your face.

Cristiana Cristescu explains this stage in the following way: “We talk about how you want the new eyebrows to look, how you see the ones you have now, and what improvements you would like to have (ex: thicker, thinner, fuller, more defined). Then, I advise you considering the shape of your face and its proportions, the size and shape of the forehead, the distance between the eyes, etc. ”.

After establishing the ideal shape for the client, we proceed to the actual procedure of tracing the new “hairs”. At the end of the Microblading procedure, a moisturizing cream is applied to the eyebrows area.

Sitting 2.

This is an additional session in which the shape of the eyebrows made in the first session is now restored. There is a repigmentation of the previously drawn wires so that they can last as long as possible.

The result of the first session is also being analyzed. If you notice any gaps, asymmetry or color problems, this is the right time to talk to the technician.
The corrections that are made during the retouching session are not included in the price of the initial session.

The duration of this additional session is one hour. In addition to the procedure itself, the client receives advice for the following period. It is important that the healing process of healing the small incisions is made without complications, in a short time. The client will receive a set of care rules that it is advisable to follow exactly.

Benefits of


The microblading procedure does not hurt and the area we are working on heals quickly. The area we are working on is treated with anesthetic cream. The natural hair of the eyebrow is not injured during the microblading procedure. We can modify older procedures or incorrect eyebrow shapes using microblading technique.

You will save time daily. Instead of makeup every morning, you will enjoy your free time and look great at any time. By choosing the microblading technique you will be able to give up the eyebrow pencil. The shape of the eyebrows will always be perfect and no longer requires your daily attention.

Celebrities using our

Microblading services

There are numerous celebrities and public persons who have enjoyed over the years our services. We offered Perfect Eyebrows through the microblading techniques to many Romanian celebrities.

Women from television, business women or famous singers have given us their confidence and trusted the hands of Cristiana Cristescu. The microblading technique is ideal for active women who always want a refined look. Among the ladies who have tried eyebrow micropigmentation, lip micropigmentation or eye micropigmentation:

Simona Patruleasa Ivanof, Carmen Bruna, Nicola, Tania Budi, Ilinca Obadescu, Florentina Fantanaru, Giulia Anghelescu Huidu, Ilinca Vandici, Luminita Anghel, Minodora Mihon/strong>

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