Microblading for the eyes

Why choose eye micropigmentation?

First of all you will be beautiful in any circumstance and at any time. The eye micro-pigmentation service is designed for women who want to be elegant and refined throughout the day.

Regardless of her occupation, a woman who respects her outward appearance will be appreciated and admired by those around her. The women who choose the micropigmentation technique for the eye area enjoy an increased expressivity of the eyes. Micropigmentation eye makeup can enhance the seductive power of a woman because women communicate more through their eyes.

Secondly, you will save time and thus take care of everything that is important to you. Time is the most important resource we have. Women have the talent to multitask. To help these active women Spancene Perfecte / Perfect Eyebrows offers makeup services that last for months.

Give up your make-up kit dependence

This type of makeup is ideal for active women with a busy schedule. Now you can go to the office, the gym and for a romantic date without having to do your makeup again. Each morning, your eyes will be shaped in the same perfect way. Your makeup maintains its beauty.

A third benefit of the eye micropigmentation technique is saving money and not spending on a make-up kit. Women invest large sums of money in makeup kits. Using these revolutionary micropigmentation techniques, your eyes will remain beautifully contoured without the need to carry a make-up kit with you.

For the eyes you can choose the line on the upper, lower eyelid or both. For a refined look this type of micropigmentation is recommended along with the lip and eyebrow micropigmentation.

Eye micro-pigmentation – benefits

Among the benefits most often mentioned by the clients of our salon we mention the perfect symmetry of the makeup. Women waste time and energy in front of the mirror trying to get a perfect symmetrical makeup every morning. All these problems are solved using the micropigmentation technology of the eyes. Now makeup is perfectly symmetrical and mornings become lighter.

The eye micropigmentation service can be used as a contour for the upper or lower eyelid. Walk confidently wherever you need to knowing that your eye makeup stays flawless. Micropigmentation of the eyes completely replaces the eyeliner so you are always attractive and elegant.

procedure of the eyes

This procedure is done using the latest generation device. The hygiene conditions are strictly followed by our salon. Before the micropigmentation procedure, an anesthetic cream is applied, which gives the comfort needed to achieve the contour. You will get the perfect outline of your eyes without feeling pain or discomfort.

Outline types

The types of contour we recommend for the eyes differs depending on the shape of your eyes. It also matters what style of makeup you like to use. This micropigmentation technique gives us the opportunity to offer you any eyeliner model you like.

A fine contour of the eyes inspires delicacy and romance. Instead, the accentuated contour of the eyes inspires a much more dramatic effect. Micro pigmented eyelids receive a lifting effect.

The aging process can lead to an ugly appearance of the eyelids. This aspect is easy to correct using the micropigmentation technique of the eyes. After Micropigmentation of the eyelid line, the contour of the eyes brings a lifting effect and refreshes the look.

Eyelash contour prices

To see a detailed list of our eye micro-pigmentation services and prices, visit the “Services” page. There you will find the full price for all that it entails: upper eyelid contour, lower eyelid contour or upper and lower eyelid contour.

CPrices displayed on the website include the cream and pigment used in the eyelid contouring technique. Similarly, the price includes the discussion about the type of contour or the shape suitable for your eyes.

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